GP: General Purpose

Trade Grade Acetoxy Silicone Sealant Description: GP is a high-quality, elastic one-component joint sealant based on silicones


  • Building and construction joints

  • Glazing and connection joints

  • Elastic joints in coldstore and container applications

  • Sealings in air conditioned

GP Plus: General Purposae Plus

Description: GP PLUS is a one part acetic cure silicone sealant. A strong, fast curing, low shrinkage product unaffected by rain, sunlight, snow etc. It is formulated with years of experience on a wide range of applications. It is a silicone sealant with high UV & water resistance.

Applications: GP PLUS is most suitable for automotive applications, glass, aluminium, glass window frame joints, ceramics, vitreous surfaces, many plastics, paints, rubber, tiles, sanitary wares, fiber glass and most non-porous substrates.

AP: All Purpose

Trade Grade Neutral Silicone Sealant

Description: AP is a high performance silicone sealant with outstanding sealing properties to porous & non – porous substrates.

Applications: Building and construction joints. Top sealing at glazing jobs. Sealing between treated wood and glass. Sealing between PVC and glass. Automotive / Bus Glass sealing, uPVC profiles, concrete, brick masonry, ACP, Aluminium & hardware applications.

Silirub WSL+

Engineering Grade Weatherseal Silicone Sealant

Description: Silirub WSL+ is a high-quality neutral cure, highly elastic one-component joint sealant based on silicones. It has been developed for weather sealing of expansion joints in the façade industry.

Applications: Silirub WSL+ can be used for weather proofing & sealing applications where durability under severe conditions is required. Silirub WSL+ is particularly suited as weather seal for curtain walls / glazing / cladding & windows. Ideal for expansion, perimeter, connection and other movement joints between various building materials. Compatible with double glazed window units.

Silirub HP+

Hygiene protection bath & kitchen silicone sealant

Description: Silirub HP+ is a high quality, neutral, elastic, one –component joint sealant based on silicones. Suitable for all types of sealing applications in we areas.

Applications: Ideal for use in bathrooms & kitchens, for sealing windows, sinks, bath cubicles, wash & worktops. Specially designed for residential, hospitals & hospitality infrastructure for full proof hygiene sealing.

Fire Silicone B1 FR

Fire Retardant B1 Silicone Sealant

Description: Firesilicone B1 FR is a high quality, neutral, elastic, one-component sealant based on silicones which conforms to the DIN4102 B1 standard for fire retardancy.

Applications: All building and glazing joints which require a fire rating and fire rated joint and perimeter sealing. Also applicable for sealing joints /perimeter on all types of fire doors and access doors.


Extra large wipes for all trades: for hands tools and surfaces

Description: Heavy duty non-woven wipes impregnated with a liquid formula for removing paint and other associated soils such as inks, adhesives, sealants, ;oils and greases from hands, tools and general hard surfaces.


High quality universal spray

Description: High quality universal spray with 8 – fold action:

  • Rust dissolver

  • Lubricant

  • Cleaner

  • Water – Repellent

  • Penetrating Oil

  • Corrosion- resistant

  • Contact Spray

  • Shock spray

Crack Filler

Paintable acrylic sealant

Description: Crack filler is a paintable, plasto- elastic, sealant. Suitable for interior applications.

  • All Gaps & Cracks in walls

  • Perimeter sealing around doors

  • Modular kitchens sealing

  • Cupboard sealing

Gasketseal Clear

Description: Gasketseal Clear is a high quality, elastic one component sealant based on silicones which withstands very high temperatures

  • Creation of heat resistant gaskets

  • Sealing between metal parts

  • Gaskets in pumps and motors

  • Sealings in heating systems

  • Sealings in kitchen machinery