Products & Services

StanBon Expl Solution Products & Services


  • Hand Protection- All Types Of Gloves, Sleeves

  • Face Protection- All Types of Respirators, Face Shield, Eye Wear, Ear Plug And Muff

  • Body Safety- Apron, Dangree, Chemical Resistance Dress, Esd dress

  • Safety Shoes With Steel Toe, Safety Shoes with Fiber Toe


  • HARD TYPE: Hard type of hand working. Economical principals not only for plain sanding but aslo for curved surface due to flexible backing.

  • FLEXIBLE TYPE: Flexible type for wood working with anti-static and anti-loading. Customer's optional size can be torn off thanks to flexible cotton backing.

  • ZIRCONIA GRAIN: Zirconia grain with stronger backing. Special top coat for cool cutting in dry condition.

  • INCREASE ABRASIVES: Increase principalsivity / At first, Stock Removal is slightly lower than conventional abrasives / Excellent Long-life time - Effective service life is 6 times than conventional abrasives

  • FIBER DISC: Fiber disc for marble or ceramic.

  • FAST CUTTING ABRASIVE: Fast cutting, longer wear / Special Ceramic Grain aggressive cutting performance / Especially long, cool cut / Increased principalsivity

  • VESSEL: Fiber disc for removing rust & weld projection of vessel, automobiles and airplanes.

  • FLAP WHEEL: Designed for flap wheel with lifetime and cutting power improved by zirconia grain.

  • COTTON BACKING: Flexible type for non-ferrous. Customer's optional size can be torn off thanks to flexible cotton backing.


We understand that even the best tools require maintenance every now and then, which is why we’re proud to offer our tool repair service.

Hand Tools

  • Spanners & Wrenches

  • Sockets (Hand)

  • Engineers Tools

  • Stencils & Engraving

Cutting Tools

  • Hole Making

  • Milling

  • Turning

  • Threading

Workshop Equipment

  • Storage & Handling

  • Tools Stroage Cabinates

  • Material Handling Equipment

  • Portable Work Benches And Stands


  • ESD GLOVES- Dotted Gloves, Carbon Top Fit gloves, Carbon Palm Fit gloves, Plain Gloves

  • ESD Finger Coat

  • Elastic wrist strap with Core and Without Core

  • ESD Sleeper

  • ESD Non-woven Shoe Cover

  • ESD Floor Mat

  • ESD Apron, Caps, Dungaree


  • Floor Marking Tapes

  • 3M Anti-skid Tapes

  • Reflective tapes

  • Box Sealing Tapes

  • Caution Tapes


  • Tissue Dispenser- M-Fold, C-Fold, Tissue Roll Dispenser

  • Soap dispenser - Foam Soap Dispenser, Liquid Soap Dispenser

  • Hand Drier

  • Micro mist Dispenser

  • Urinal Screen


GP:General Purpose:

Trade Grade Acetoxy Silicone Sealant Description: GP is a high-quality, elastic one-component joint sealant based on silicones


  • Building and construction joints

  • Glazing and connection joints

  • Elastic joints in coldstore and container applications

  • Sealings in air conditioned